Blockchain & Multimedia Data Science Seminar

2021 April 26 – 29 (Virtual)

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Sponsored by:
White Matrix Technology Co. Ltd.
Multimedia Masters Program,
University of Alberta

Being introduced around 1991 and gaining increased attention over the last 10 years, Blockchain has big potential to secure information not only in bitcoin operations, but also for other financial, healthcare, and sensitive or private data. Transmitted in chained packages, it is very difficult to hack individual packages without affecting the entire chain.

Both Blockchain and Data Science transform how businesses are operating. While data science extracts useful information from structured and unstructured data and makes prediction, blockchain ensures data integrity. Together both technologies safeguard information trustworthiness.

The objective of this blockchain and Multimedia Data Science (BMDS) Seminar is to gather interested parties together and bring awareness of

1. The history of blockchain and data science,

2. Example applications of blockchain and data science,

3. Impacts of blockchain on data science, and

4. What will be the future of blockchain and data science?