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    • A. Basu, “Method and apparatus for super high resolution stereo imaging”, Canadian Patent #2,120,240, 2002
    • A. Basu, “Method and apparatus for 3D scanning of objects with voids”, Canadian Patent #2,369,710, Sept. 2006


    • I. Cheng, L. Vicent, A. Basu and R. Goebel, “Multimedia in Education: Adaptive Learning and Testing,” World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. Aug. 2010.
    • I. Cheng, G. Cortelazzo, A. Basu and S.K. Tripathi, “3D Online Multimedia: Processing, Visualization and Transmission,” World Scientific Press, October 2008
    • “Computer Vision: Systems, Theory, and Applications,” Edited by A. Basu and X. Li, World Scientific Press, April 1993

    Book Chapter

    • R. Shen, G. Guo, I. Cheng and A. Basu, “Active Calibration,” in Encyclopedia of Computer Vision, Springer, Edited by K. Ikeuchi, University of Tokyo, 2013.
    • A. Basu and J. Baldwin, “A real-time stereo panoramic imaging system”, Edited by R. Bensoman (Paris) and S.B. Kang (Microsoft), Springer Verlag, 2001.

    Technology Registered

    • Technology titled “Multimedia Innovative Item Types for Educational Testing” registered under Tech ID 2006064 filed with TecEdmonton, 2006